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Accelerate Hiring.
Boost Retention.
Drive Growth.

Repeatable, Predictable Hiring Results

Activate Your Recruiting Machine

The battle for talent has never been tougher. Now more than ever, companies realize that recruiting top talent is a team game that requires attention at every level of the business.


We empower your employees to find great people and close job openings with ease, minimizing downtime in production and reducing unnecessary expenses.


Through a deep understanding of your company's growth goals and culture, we upskill your team and streamline recruiting and onboarding operations resulting in repeatable hiring outcomes.


If your company is struggling to find great people, suffering from repeat turnover, or is scarred from making bad hires, book a call for a free consultation.

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Our Core Offerings

Total Talent Review

360° evaluation and assessment of your company's hiring operations. From people and processes to tools and tactics, our experts find the missing pieces.

Recruiter Pro Training

Recruiter Pro Training

Upskilling for frontline recruiters

Intentional Interviewing 

The essentials for department leaders & those adjacent to hiring 

Talent Acquisition Accelerator*

Fuel your company's talent acquisition engine to find top talent and close job openings with ease.
(*Total Talent Review required)

EPA Placement+

Trust our team of talent acquisition experts to find and hire your next top employee.

Total Talent Review

360° evaluation of your company's hiring practices. We report unbiased feedback about our overall findings, present recommended solutions for bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and wasted resources


Let our experts get "in the kitchen" with your company's recruiting team and hiring managers!

Consider This

The national average of the cost to hire an employee is $4,129. ...what does a bad hire cost?

Talent Acquisition Accelerator


Total Talent Review

First, we review the health and effectiveness of your company’s hiring operations. From people and processes to tools and tactics, we uncover the missing pieces causing turnover, poor candidate selection, and bad hires.



The review concludes with a comprehensive report detailing the findings and drawing blueprints for your company's very own high performance recruiting machine. 


Recruiting Machine

Lastly, we assemble and activate a high powered recruitment operation within the walls of your business. Our systems are designed to help you consistently identify, attract, evaluate, and secure top talent.


Performance Management

We monitor the operation and its progress to ensure learning is adopted and milestones are reached.

Case Studies

On every project we undertake, our most important objective is to relate with clients and understand how they prioritize hiring. Our custom-tailored advisory solutions improve recruiting performance and are mapped to your business objectives.


We have saved companies $100,000's on recruiting costs and reduced their overall time-to-hire by weeks!

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