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Revolutionizing Business Growth From The Inside Out

Repeatable Process, Predictable Results

Transforming Your Everyday Recruiting Methods

At East Park Avenue, we enhance and upskill your companywide recruitment processes resulting in a seamless and efficient talent acquisition experience - minimizing the time-to-hire, reducing unnecessary

expenses, and strengthening employee retention.

Through a deep understanding of your company's growth goals and culture, we create a talent acquisition roadmap perfectly aligned with your organization's business objectives. We empower and educate your team, leverage its resources, and streamline the sourcing, screening and onboarding process to maximize outcomes.


By partnering with East Park Avenue, you can optimize every step of the recruitment process, saving you time, resources, and ultimately delivering exceptional talent that will drive your business forward.

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Our Core Offerings

Recruiting Process Review

360° evaluation of the process to hire a new employee; deciding on skills & experience, who & how to recruit, select, and onboard for a vacant position

Your Hiring Partner

EPA manages your job postings, advertisements, resume review & candidate screening saving your staff time with the heavy lifting!

Talent Acquisition Transformation

Our custom-tailored advisory solutions optimize recruiting performance and are proven to reduce time-to-hire & expenses.

(*Recruiting Process Review required)

Recruiter Pro Training

Immerse your recruiters, HR group, and hiring managers in world-class professional training that will have them hiring like the best headhunters!

Recruiting Process Review

360° evaluation of your company's hiring practices. We report unbiased feedback about our overall findings, present recommended solutions for bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and wasted resources


Let our experts get "in the kitchen" with your company's recruiting team and hiring managers... sometimes the biggest challenges are the ones right in front of you!

Consider This

The national average of the cost to hire an employee is $4,129.

The average recruiting agency fee is over $20,000.

Our Process


Recruiting Process Review

Let an expert talent acquisition advisor assess the health and effectiveness of your company’s hiring process. Our advisors immerse themselves into the innerworkings of your business, its culture, and chain of command to evaluate risk and pitfalls associated with hiring.



Interviews with leadership & other key stakeholders serve as a 360° review of the current state hiring process. With full transparency, we draw awareness to the complexities of hiring and allow your organization to simplify the process for its unique needs.


Personalized Assessment

The review concludes with a comprehensive report and proposed implementation plan along with a timeline for observable results (usually 3-6 months). Upon acceptance of a talent acquisition advisory program (administered virtually and/or in person), we hand-select a talent acquisition advisor to guide you from current state to desired state: a decrease in time, employee energy and of course, costs.



Partner with our talent acquisition advisors to formulate a bona fide recruiting strategy. Each talent acquisition advisory program is accompanied by a Talent Acquisition Playbook that outlines a unified and repeatable recruiting & hiring process, company-wide. Our team will monitor the implemented systems and meet periodically to ensure that you are on track with goals and objectives.

Case Studies

On every project we undertake, our most important objective is to relate with clients and understand how they prioritize hiring. Our custom-tailored advisory solutions improve recruiting performance and are mapped to your business objectives.

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Small Business
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Growing Business
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International Business
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Established Business

We have saved companies $100,000's on recruiting costs and reduced their overall time-to-hire by weeks!

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