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Total Talent Review

We conduct a 360° evaluation of your company's hiring operations. From people and processes to tools and tactics, we give you a roadmap to overcome:
  • Repeat Turnover
  • Bad Hires
  • Low Candidate Volume
  • Poor Retention
  • Employee Burnout
  • Unnecessary Expenses
Our Commitment
We help companies cut their recruiting expenses by 50% and increase retention by 20% by adopting
...all without spending a dime on staffing agencies.

The Total Talent Review is so effective that if it does not work for you, we issue a refund.

“Empower your team to consistently hire the best talent.”

A 360° evaluation of your company’s hiring & onboarding process to provide department leadership, human resources, stakeholders with unbiased visibility into their company’s recruitment function.

Administered in person or virtually, our talent consultants get “in the kitchen” with your team to understand their observations, concerns, and goals.

The Total Talent Review is simple and requires only a bit of access from your team.


Identify Current State


Present Findings


Deliver Roadmap for Success

East Park Avenue leaves no stone unturned on the path to sustainable hiring practices.

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