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Recruiter Pro Training

Turning Your Business Into a Talent Acquisition Machine

Most companies want to hire and retain top talent predictably and consistently, right? However, they often lack the knowledge and expertise to recruit like professional headhunters... resulting in long overdue vacancies, burnt out employees, and worse, unmet customer demands!

Having grown up in the 3rd party recruiting industry, we have designed a world class curriculum of workshops to empower your frontline recruiters and your department managers with the tactics used by the world's best headhunters.

Intentional Interviewing

The essentials for department managers and those adjacent to hiring.

Curriculum includes:

  • Analyzing Applicants

  • Quality Questioning

  • Red Flag Risks

  • Measuring Motivation

  • Tackling Touchy Topics

  • Closing with Confidence


Recruiter Pro Training

Upskilling for frontline recruiters.

  • Intentional Interviewing Workshop above

  • Reactive & Proactive Recruiting

  • Sourcing & Searching

  • Leveraging Technology

  • Vacancy Discovery

  • Building a Talent Pipeline

  • Company Pitch & Hook

  • Candidate Experience

To explore if your company is right for Recruiter Pro Training, click the link below for a consultation.

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Passionate About Sustainable Talent Acquisition

Mark launched East Park Avenue in 2020 after more than a decade of recruiting experience in contingent, temporary & retained search and proven success in training & developing recruiting teams.


Mark is a native of Charlotte, NC with a degree from the Moore School of Business at The University of South Carolina. He, his wife, Paloma and daughter Lucia live in the heart of the ever-growing Queen City.

He has grown up in the recruiting & staffing industry, so he empathizes with the challenges associated with hiring. Additionally, he understands the pains executives and human resources professionals feel with regards to attracting and retaining quality talent. Mark believes that exceptional hiring can happen for any company, no matter the size, structure, or revenues with the right plan and dedication to execution.

Founder & President

Lead advisor for Total Talent Reviews, Talent Acquisition Accelerator, and Recruiter Pro Training.

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